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Supportive Counseling

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Oftentimes, children benefit from supportive counseling at school.  The student may be demonstrating poor attendance, may be failing to thrive academically or behaviorally, or simply needs  positive interaction with an adult. 

At GWCE, we offer supportive counseling (in a small group setting) with an emphasis on social perspectives.  This means that we teach the fundamental elements of social and emotional learning to participating students through developmentally appropriate activities to help set the foundation for a healthy adolescence.  These lessons build the skills the students need to set daily goals, identify emotions and feelings, and make healthy choices that contribute to their overall health and well-being.  

Karan Brown, our school guidance counselor and Valerie Hoffpauir, a behavior interventionist work closely with each student.  They check on attendance, grades, referrals for discipline, medication schedules, and behavior management plans to monitor, support and encourage the students.  

The  support reaches into the home as well.  Our counselor’s office maintains a list of community resources that you my access during school hours should an outside referral be recommended and they will be happy to speak with you by phone about any community referral beyond the school level.  

For more information, please contact Karan Brown at (337) 463-7380 extension 10106.