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Frontline Health Portal

Welcome to BPSB’s Parent Health Portal!

Beauregard Parish Schools has a new Mobile App / Desktop application available to provide you with convenient, 24-hour online access to items in your child’s health record.  Using a secure username and password, you can view district-designated health information, communicate with your School Nurse, review/sign forms, and even provide the School Nurse with new information from outside health services received by your child.


Parent/Guardian will be able to see the following information, if applicable to your child:

  • Health Information Form for you to complete
  • Communications from your child’s School Nurse
  • Low Water Mark on prescriptions, if applicable
  • Glucose Readings, applies only to diabetic students
  • Delinquent Immunizations


You will need to provide the school / School Nurse with your personal Email address prior to being able to activate your account as a family with your personal email that you provided to the school district during your student registration with the district.

(*If both parents/guardians provided their emails to the school district, you may use one of the

emails to start one account or both emails to start more than one account.)


Account activation can be completed via our Mobile or Desktop application. (*Note, you do not need to register separately to gain access to both options.)

  • For Mobile, please go to the Apple App Store or Android Apps on Google Play, search for Frontline Health Portal, and download the app.
  • As a Desktop user:



Complete the following steps to continue your activation:

Health Portal Login Screen
Select “Activate Account” located below the Log In box.

STEP 1:  Temporary Password (Activate your account)

  • Enter your primary email that you have provided to the District. 
  • Select the blue button “Send me a temporary password.” 

(You will see a green checkmark and confirmation message, indicating that a temporary

password email has been sent with the Subject: “Your temporary password for Frontline

Health Portal.”)

(Please check your email’s spam folder if you have not received the email in 10-15 minutes.)

  •  Within the email, there is a temporary password and link to finish activating your account. 
  • Copy the temporary password or refer to it. 
  • Click on this link to go back to the Health Portal Login. 
  • Enter your Username (the personal email that was provided by the school district) and the temporary password.


STEP 2:  Update Password

  • After you select the Log in button, you update your password, following the password change process.

STEP 3:  Terms of Use

  • When your password has been updated, you will continue to the Portal Terms of Use.
  • Click the checkbox beside “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Electronic Service Agreement” and
  • Follow the eSignature instructions. (Be sure to leave out any space(s) between /S/ and your name.)
  • Select the “Confirm my agreement” button to complete the step.

STEP 4:  A green checkmark and message will show that your agreement is confirmed. 

STAFF:  Complete Account Activation. 

FAMILIES:  Continue to Assign Students.

You will be prompted to assign student(s) to your account. You will need to provide the following information for each child:

  • Student Last Name
  • Student School ID (as designated by the District)
  • Student Date of Birth

To register additional children, remain on this step and provide the child’s information and click on “Add this student,” and continue this step until all your children are registered.  Then select “I’m done adding students” to complete account activation.

STEP 5:  Account Activated

  • Select “Take me to Frontline Health Portal” to open the Health Portal.


Please use the Frontline Health Portal Mobile App, or


Still have questions or need additional support?

Please follow these steps:

Note:  Your student’s health record is part of his/her educational record at the School District.  The privacy of these records is protected by federal law) per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. §1232g) and state law.  If you are aware that you should not have access to your student’s educational record, do not register for access to the Health Portal.




Troubleshooting Tips for Families:

  1. Issue: “We were unable to send an email to the address you provided.”
    1. District Steps:   Email address does not match any in the system
      1. Go to Persons (Non-students) and find the person.
      2. Open the profile of that person.
      3. Go to email. Make sure the email they are trying to use matches the one in the Primary Email address.
      4. Update SIS to have parent’s accurate email
    2. Family Steps:
      1. Email the district with your first and last name, child/children’s first and last names, and the correct email that should be on file
  2. Issue:   Temporary password email has not shown up after 15 minutes.
    1. District Steps:
      1. Find the user in Administration > Health Portal > Portal Users
      2. Change the Password following the password rules to create a temporary password.
      3. Inform the family member of their temporary password.
    2. Family Steps:
      1. Inform the district that you have not received your temporary password email.
      2. Use the temporary password that the district gives you to login to the Portal.
      3. Your Username is the personal email that was proved by the school district and that you used to activate the portal account.
  3. Issue: “We were unable to add this student to your Health Portal account.”
    1. District Steps:
      1. Search SHM for the student by last name. If none exists, it wasn’t on the import file.
      2. If the student exists, add the family member as a contact to the student’s record.
      3. Ensure that the family member contact on the student’s record has the Portal Account checkbox selected.
    2. Family Steps:
      1. Confirm you have spelled the student’s last name correctly, have the correct Student ID, and the correct date of birth.
      2. Contact District and provide Student information (Student ID, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Middle Name, DOB, Gender, Primary Grade Level, Primary School, Home Address)